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Yung S!X

My name is Ariel Gross, however my stage name is Yung$!X. I’m a 21 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, & engineer, but i also do a little producing every now and then. I’m from small town, Morehead, Kentucky & i’m just tryna make good music that people feel & vibe to. 


What Do You Make? 

I make r&b/rap type music. I wouldn’t label it as only R&B, and i wouldn’t label it as just Rap. It’s more of an alternative, more unique style of both genres with a little bit of Pop in the mix. 


. When Did You Start? 

I started making music around mid- late 2017, so around 2 Years 


How would you describe your unique style? 

This question is a little difficult. I never knew i had a “uniqueness” to my music until i dropped my song, “9 to 5” and people started giving me really good feedback and telling me, “your music is so unique and different” I think a lot of the music out right now sounds the same, whether it be the beat, lyrics, vocals, etc. So i always try to pick out instrumentals that are gonna be super vibey and that i know people will like. I like to switch up from rapping to singing or singing to rapping in my songs. I feel it gives off more emotion & versatility to the artist. As an artist, if you can show your emotions through your music, At least one person is gonna feel it, & that’s the key. With one Person, comes two, then three, four, and so on and so forth. 


Any Projects Recent or Future You’re Excited About? 


I recently just dropped my 2nd album, “Beautiful Desolation” and i’m super happy how it turned out. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from people & it’s definitely one of my best projects thus far. I’m always working on new music, i try to drop a new single at least once a month if i can. But I’m currently working on a couple new projects. I have a Mixtape in the works that’s gonna showcase more of a hype version of myself. It’s gonna be loaded with songs featuring some of the best underground artists and producers that i fuck with the most. I have another mixtape i’m working on right now that is gonna be full of love & heartbreak songs. I’m super excited about both, but my mixtape is definitely something i’m ready to give my fans. 

Where Can Readers Find You? 

You can find me on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. 

I’m also on SoundCloud & YouTube 

And Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, BeatStars, etc. 

Below is the link for all platforms, Socials included:

Th3 Mind  creative hub

No Rivals home

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