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Catch up With Yung Pajamas

“Out of all my music, this Album reflects me as a person, all my other songs were just songs you could vibe and turn up too, this album really reflects who I am”

On April 19th, Yung Pajamas dropped his album “Pink World” on all platforms. This album features 12 songs that really bring into perspective who Yung Pajamas is as a person in and out of the music world. 

Through this album, Yung Pajamas wants to spread a positive message, while also sharing his experiences with heartbreak, trials growing up, and just anything else that made him the person he is today. 

“Pink World” also comes with its own music style compared to all the other songs Yung Pajamas has posted. 


When did Yung Pajamas start making music? 


His first time in a professional studio was in 2017, and even though it wasn’t for any other reason than for fun, he saw a future in music after that. 


However, His love for music goes way back before 2017!


“When I was a kid I had a voice recorder, and I would record myself and I would act like I was on American Idol, I wasn’t good, but I found my love for music doing that” 


Growing up in Indiana, and having strict parents, Yung Pajamas had to figure out who he was as a person instead of who everyone else wanted him to be. 


His love for the color pink is his way of showing who he is and expressing himself. 


What does Yung Pajamas want his listeners to know about him? 


He wants people to know that he is always himself. Everything he posts is what he likes, everything he does is what he would always do. He is Yung Pajamas. 


He also would like to become internationally famous, and has already started taking over the world, with numerous fans in many different countries! 


Even though “Pink World” has just dropped, Yung Pajamas is not done! His next single “Electric Love” will be dropping soon! Make sure to go follow him to see what happens next!


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