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Spotify Playlisting 101

What is Spotify playlisting?


A new buzzword in music marketing


Spotify playlist song is exactly  what it sounds like- putting your tracks on Spotify playlists. 


Why Would I Use This?- 

The goal of using this tool is to get your music on popping playlists with similar sounds to yours 

Ideally resulting in people who already are listening to a certain style of music to be exposed to your music. 


Of all the promo options out there playlisting results in the most direct music to ear conversion 


EX- Say you make music in the cloud rap genre & you land on a cloud rap playlist with 100k followers

Those followers

  1. Already like your style of music
  2. Already listen to that playlist

This means they will come across your track & have a high chance of engaging with it (saving sharing or replaying the track) 


Should I Use playlisting?

This is not any promise you will blow up overnight- but if your tracks are placed in front of the right audience you can definitely experience some good streaming growth through this tool. 


Just be wary- much like the old SoundCloud scams of flooding your page with “bot” likes& streams- not everyone offering you placement or streams  is doing so legitimately. 


Easy playlisting

Click here to learn more about getting your tracks placed on editorial playlists 


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