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Spotify Animation How to

Whatcha talkin about?


Add a visual component to your spotify release with Spotify Canvas. 

This cool trick allows you to upload an 8 second loop to complement your track  to use as a unique brand building tool


Why Should I use this feature?


  • Spotify tested the feature & was able to increase streams by up to 120% & song saves by 114% in addition to a boost in profile visits
  • Allows you to express your vision for the track as well as give your fans a bonus easter egg with the track!

You can use different visuals for each song on a project to help bring your story to life, & you’re able to change it to a new visual or revert to coverart whenever you like!


Sounds dope! How do I do it?


  • You’re able to upload visuals from your phone or desktop
  • Spotify has free generic visuals you can use,
  • if you’re looking for custom animations head HERE & we can bring your vision to life!
  • Head over to to sign up for canvas!

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