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The key to successfully promoting your music in today’s music industry is to try new things, learn from the promotions you run, make changes, and fine-tune them to your unique career.

Let’s take a look at some free strategies you could be using to promote your music for right now.

1. Use Social Media the RIGHT Way

We all use social media.. However, you may not be using social media to it’s full potential to promote your music.

Social media is NOT a straight-up marketing platform. It’s really a catalyst for conversation and word-of-mouth marketing. About 80% of your posts should be funny, conversational, and interesting, leaving about 20% for promotional material. That’s not to say your posts can’t be promotional! You just need to learn how to post your content in engaging ways. For example, if you’re in the studio recording a new album, try posting updates on social media. Tell a story about your studio experience that day, share a photo of the mix, or post a snippet video of a song.

If you’re performing or on tour, take photos at the venues or content involving the crowd. These things aren’t obviously promotional, but they still let fans know what’s going on.

It’s important to remember, though, that social media isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to promoting your music. The goal is to generate interest & create engagement to help promote your work & build relationships with your audience

PS- utilize less common platforms like “Lum” or TikTok to give yourself some variety & first movers advantage!

2. Promote Your Music and Sell it on Your Website

While having a website is not free, once you have one & are driving traffic to it not only do you own the platform, but you also don’t have to worry about having to pay to promote your updates. Your website should be ever adapting and changing to reflect new events in your career. Basically, you want your fans stopping by your website as often as possible. The more often they’re on your site, the more they’re exposed to your albums, merch, and tickets.

If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t have a lot of big updates other than the occasional album release and tour. On your site you can start a blog to keep fans up to date. 

It’s fairly easy to set up a blog on the homepage of your website. Most website tools like Bandzoogle, and WordPress, have blog capabilities. Plan out blog posts at regular intervals and share anything you think your fans would find interesting. This could be your creative inspirations snippets of new songs, new lyrical ideas you’re working on, a funny story among other things.

Your website is also used for merch or music sales, to build your email list, or anything else you have going on! 

  1. Promote with Email

Your email list is an extremely valuable tool to promote your music. Unlike paid promo, your email list is marketing to your current fan base. People who sign up for your email list want to hear from you, so take advantage of it!

Remember, your emails should be driving your fans to your website or new releases, so you want to include links & information

The obvious use of an email list is to let your fans know when you have a song or project coming out or a show or tour. BUT you can also use your email list to send fans to your blog or social medias when you have new content. (Remember, you want to get your fans on your website as often as possible.)

Of course, you need to get fans to sign up for your list before you can start using it as a music promotion tool. An easy option is to trade something of value for an email address. This could be exclusive music , merch or ticket giveaways, or anything you can think of! Keep in mind there doesn’t have to be a free item, but it will help to incentivize fans.

For help getting started on your site or email list head over to web site build 

3. Create a street team 

Your fans can be an extremely helpful factor in promoting your music. Your fans already support you & the work you do, take the relationship a step further by forming a brand ambassador type relationship with them. Whether it be reposting your work, or setting fliers or other promotional items up in their local, having a team of people pushing your work for you will help to reach new crowds as well as developing a great relationship with existing fans. Unlike collaboration and blogs, your street team is marketing to your current fan base. If someone signed up for your to join list, they want to be apart of what you’re doing, so take advantage of it!

Remember, your team should be driving people to you, so you want to give them something to promote & link back to.

So what do you send your team? Any promotional material relating to new releases, or shows are perfect, when you share your work with the team, & thy share to their following, you reach can expand 10 fold. 


Conclusion: How to Promote Your Music

Your music promotion strategy is going to be something that you test & develop over time, so don’t get frustrated if things take some time to come together.

The important thing to remember is that you should be taking advantage of all the different promote your music tools you have right here at your finger tips instead of relying on just one thing.


Get started on your site build & email list started today!


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