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Paid music advertising

You’ve got the skills, and a solid foundation for your art. All that’s left is to gain new fans. The easiest way to do this is to take advantage of free & paid advertising. 


We will cover an introduction to

*Channels of paid advertising music

*Budgeting for the venture


*And help getting started


Advertising has never been easier & more effective. With a few clicks, your project can be in front of thousands of people, targeted specifically to your niche.

Some of the most tried & true mediums for music advertising are

    • Youtube– You can either pay music youtube channels to feature your songs in openings/closings, OR you can create a youtube ad that will play before a video. Both of these are great because the audience that will be hearing your work are already interested in similar sounds- thus making it more likely that you’ll gain a new fan for yourself. 
    • Spotify– Similar to YouTube, this allows you to get into the ears of people that are already listening to your style of music with easy access to find you. 


  • Billboards- This tactic is commonly used by big players in the game in places like Times Square. However you can do this in any city, at any time. This tactic is less targeted, but is great to place in a local area or areas surrounding you to give you a bigger more professional presence. 
  • Blogs Blogs that have audiences that are in tune with your style are great for promotion. Not only is it cheaper than most advertising, but you’ll also get the chance to create a relationship with the blogs to further promo you sometimes at no extra cost.


  • Radio ads or simply paying for radio stream time can be a huge mover in your career. Whether you go for local stations, or nationwide streams, you cant go wrong with radio publicity. Click here for more info on getting radio plays on upcoming projects.

All of these mediums provide similar benefits to you- getting in front of your target audience to gain new fans. Some of these will work better than others depending on you, & the time/ work you’re willing to put in to succeed. 

Budgeting for the venture

If you decide to run your own campaigns you should know that each medium will cost a different amount. You will want to determine how much you are willing to spend on a campaign to achieve your desired result.

This will depend on- where you advertise & how long your campaign is ran. Successful advertising is done by trial & error, a knowledgeable team behind you will help lower costs & boost results.

Of course, advertising is not easy to get into, it takes some learning & testing to get the results you want. Our team of marketing specialists are there to help- click here to get in touch with our team & learn how to incorporate paid advertising into your creative career.

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