No Rivals Winter 20 - No Rivals

No Rivals Winter 20

Welcome to the breakdown of the Winter 2020 collection
Here we will break down the movement, capsule, and 1 of 1 pieces from the collection.

Movement Pieces:
In Japanese lore, the Dragon is said to represent your vices or “Temptations” , & through slaying these temptations you will be able to grow exponentially.
Featuring $11.11 logo tees. A Dragon slaying combat boot,  And bundle pack deals, to get the full look at a discounted price!

These pieces are made for a cozy, growth filled Winter!

Ascension” capsule:
Designed in collaboration with tattoo artist Josh Chatwin, This image depicts symbols of creativity and positivity.
Featuring a heavy-weight, hoodie & our first Skate Deck made from Canadian Maple.
These pieces are made to keep you warm, & ready to become more than yourself!

1 of 1s

King Slime– Inspired by the versatile creations of one of the most influential artists of the decade. Vintage wash black denim with hand sewn Thugger detailing.

Boundaries– Its been said you cant expect others to respect personal boundaries that you dont respect yourself. Hand set steel spikes on vintage wash turtle neck.

More– Look closer, theres always more than meets the eye. Adjustable length workwear trench with hand sewn & drawn detailing.

Self– Working on yourself is the most important work, even if you dont get paid for it. Raw hemmed neckline & oversized build for a relaxed fit.

Lost Angel– We are lost angels trying to find our way home. Hand set feathering, & painted detailing.

Watch– Not everyone around you wants the best for you. “Watch” for $nakes. Hand sewn faux snakeskin detailing on a sweatshirt made from recycled materials.

Winter Acc– Featuring Combat Boots, Travel Duffel,  cozy beanies, stickers, wall art, & our first skate deck!

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