No Rivals Fall Collection 19 - No Rivals

No Rivals Fall Collection 19

Welcome to the breakdown of the Fall 2019 collection
Here we will break down the movement, capsule, and 1 of 1 pieces from the collection.

Movement Pieces:
The Butterfly-long said to be a sign of change. Inspired by the personal growth, evolution & changes.
Featuring $11.11 logo tees. A Canvas & suede high-top skate shoe. And bundle pack deals, to get the full look at a discounted price!

These pieces are made for a cozy, growth filled Fall!

There are No Rivals” capsule:
Extending an olive branch to enemies of the past.
Featuring a heavy-weight, hoodie & Paisley bandanna patched light wash denim . Cut & Sewn in house
These pieces are made to keep you warm, & ready for the journey of life!

1 of 1s

Shackled– Humanity is doomed to be shackled by love & mortality. Vintage ash grey denim jacket with hand sewn patching & stainless steel barbed wire sleeve attachment.

Grace– Letting go of what no longer serves you requires grace. Vintage wool turtleneck with hand-sewn patching, & a stainless steel barbed wire chain attachment.

Duality– What is cannot be without the opposite, that s duality. Vintage trench coat with hand sewn hood, bandanna coller, yin/yang patching, & painted sleeves.

“Changes” Acc– Featuring Canvas/Suede skate kicks, vintage wash dad hats, a beanie, stickers, wall art, & our butterfly pendant chain!

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