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Merch Creation

What we do-

Creating merch no longer has to be costly & hard, purchasing bulk orders of gear is a costly & risky investment .We provide a different solution-

our create on demand system allows you to sell unlimited amounts of merch with unlimited profit potential without the work or cost/risk of upfront bulk orders!

Our system allows you to sit back & relax knowing you won’t risk losing money, & can create a steam of passive income!

We also offer samples for you to wear, sell at shows, or giveaway to fans!

How it works-

Design– You will work with our No Rivals design team to create your  merch collection, once approved, gear will be hosted & sold with your unique page & link on

Creation– when the customer orders your merch we create & ship the piece! This allows your customer to pay the production fees (so you don’t!)

Pay outs– The fun part! You receive your payments at the end of the week (Sundays) with a breakdown of your sales. All you do is promote your gear & make passive income!

We currently offer:
& Vinyl records!

Cost– Each item in your collection comes with an unlimited production run for two months, giving you (unlimited profit potential).

Pieces have a $10 hosting fee.

For example- a tee & poster(with unlimited production & profit)  would be just $20!

After two months you will have the option to continue selling, or release a new collection!

Getting Started

We currently help dozens of creatives take the next step into their creative career.

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