Vacation by Logan Write - No Rivals

Vacation by Logan Write

“ I Wanted to work on my sound and my songwriting in this ep, while also being myself and gaining confidence within songs”


That’s what artist Logan Write had to say about his EP “Vacation” that dropped on Friday, June 18th. 


The “Vacation” EP features 6 great songs that all have uplifting and warm feel that could change a bad day into good!


“I Wanted to experiment a little and go with a more uplifting and warm feel compared to my last drop”


Logan Write has been making music for a while, but the past couple of years have been very serious for him. His discography of music is for everyone and he has a song for any mood. 


You can listen to Logan Write’s EP “Vacation” along with following on social media through the links below! 






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Story by A-Dub

No Rivals

The Mind 



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