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Behind Calcknowledge “Letter To Alli”

We got the inside scoop on new single “Letter To Alli” , read on to learn more

Calcknowledge- “My goal for “Letter to Ali” is to catch up with my friend I lost in 2007.

I want to bring back good memories for my neighborhood being things aren’t the same anymore.

My inspiration was the love the neighborhood once had. Ali was dear to us all, really giving us hope!

My favorite line of the song is the very first.

“First one out the hood to make the NBA, I’m crying wishing I could see the day”.

Ali was who we knew would make it out and bring us all along with him. Until we meet again❤️”


The track features a soulful jazz esque instrumental with overlaid with vocals straight from the heart .

The voice memo style interludes really brought the loss into perspective, & the references to people involved in the lives of Calc & heavenly friend Alli were the ultimate letter to a lost loved one.

Relishing the past, while celebrating how far everyone has come- all this & more in the “Letter to Ali” available now.


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