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Lessons from Lifes Good

Future & Drakes- “Lifes Good”  has been one of ,if not the most, popular singles released in 2020. This song has been everywhere since its release, & were here to break down some of the lessons you can take from the project to add to your career.

In this write up, we will cover 

*Finding your team

*Build hype/rollout tactics/sneak leaks


*Merch tie-ins

Lets get into it..

Tip 1

Finding Your Team

Drake & Future have collaborated on many notable tracks & projects. With the first being 2011’s “Tony Montana” . The smash collab tape “What A Time To Be Alive” dropping in 2015 & most recently “Lifes Good” in 2020. 

This duo has found huge commercial success with collabs & we can only expect more to come. When you lock in & surround yourself with people that push you  to the next level you can only go up. Find your team, lock in, & make history.

Tip 2

Build Hype

Plan out rollout tactics

The build up to this song has been in the making for awhile, with early song snippets, leaks of the cast filming the music video & most notably Drake throwing up 2 fingers as if to symbolize “What a Time To Be Alive 2” on the way. 

Even before the rollout stages of your projects, you should always be keeping fans updated with what you’re up to, from snippets, to behind the scenes shots. Promo yourself to help build buzz for your eventual drop day.


Make Work Quotable/Memable

Drakes hook “Haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up” dropping right in the middle of tax season was no coincidence. 

Today’s audience loves to have pieces from your work to quote, having quotables instantly increases reply value of your work. If there’s no single part they can remember at the end of the track, why would they think to listen again or share with friends?

Side note- memeable moments

 Pictures of 21 savage in a fast food uniform with a double cup were circulating for weeks before the video dropped. 

Corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to go viral in their marketing. If you’ve got humor in your  bag & can pull it off, meme-able moments could be the difference between 10 retweets & 10k retweets. Careful not to be corny though, there’s an art to making work memeable!


Merch tie-ins

Remember all the different work uniforms Future, Drake & friends rocked throughout the video? All of it is (at the time of writing)  for sale by Futures team

Coming across income as an independent artist is hard, but you can start by offering merch with your releases. 

This is something that anyone can do to get more promotion for projects & also get an additional stream of income from creative work

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