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Josh Chatwin

Joshua Chatwin- Dad with the heart of a true artist..

Joshua has a vast array of creative outlets. Drawing & tattooing daily, while simultaneously diving into the artistry of landscape & oil paintings. He also uses watercolor on paper extensively and has done some graphic design and photography work in recent years.  

Art has been in the blood; starting out drawing as a  kid drawing NBA and pro wrestling stars, and later developing his work throughout Ball State’s art program in college, graduating with a BFA in Video and Intermedia with a minor in Creative Writing. Since then he has made a life for himself & family while embarking on the journey of learning the ancient art of tattooing. This path was an unexpected one that began in 2009 while getting coverup work done. He was told about a potential apprenticeship opening, and after creating some rudimentary tattoo flash was eventually was offered the position. Joshua got to work & created his first tattoo in February of 2010 while apprenticing with Craig and Dan at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo, an apprenticeship lasting about a year and a half.  In late 2012 Joshua moved to Bloomington, IN and tattooed at Genuine Tattoo Co with Shannon Simpson and Dave Herr until late 2014 when he returned to Muncie. 


With 2020 marking 10 years of tattoo artistry and thousands of completed tattoos, Joshua now co-owns Black Sword Alliance in Muncie Indiana with his fiancé, Samantha Leyes, and long time friends/mentors Craig Mathis, Aaron Roberts, Sean King, and Jay Williams, and has starting teaching is Daughter, Olivia, age 10, art techniques. 


Some of his favorite symbols to incorporate into his work are eggs, rainbows and smoke each with meanings beneath the surface in each piece. 

When tattooing he tends to use a traditional american style, often incorporating fine lines and a little more detail inspired by early Tattooers in England. Due to extensive experience and an experimental attitude he has learned to be able to mold his style to fit different client requests, themes, & tastes.


As for favorite creative outlets, in addition to drawing, watercolor painting, and photography, Josh has most recently found a renewed love of oil painting, specifically of the landscape, a theme he’s never attempted in a medium he hasn’t worked with since 2007. He’s found that even a medium and subject far removed from tattooing has found ways to inform design and color choices across the board.


With a tattoo flash sheet being featured in the recent publication of tattoo trade book “Flasher” volume 2 and the upcoming 3rd volume, numerous solo and group art shows including the recent Indiana Tattooers Gallery show in Indianapolis featuring work from the entire Black Sword Alliance crew among some of the best Indiana Tattooers, and this joint No Rivals collaboration, this creative was created to create.

View the Collab collection here

You can see more of Josh’s work on instagram- @joshuachatwin

On his personal site

& stay up to date with the Black Sword Alliance Crew on instagram- @blackswordalliancetattoo


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