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How to submit to blogs

Getting your creative work in front of the right people will help to increase your fanbase as well as build awareness of your craft. 

An easy way to get in front of potential fans is to be featured on blogs in your niche. 

In this how to well go over

  • How to submit your work
  • Free underground platforms to submit to 
  • Our favorite Paid submission platforms 


Obviously, your work has to be good, or at least unique or interesting enough to make the curator or blog owner take notice. Accompanying solid work with a professional presentation is sure to get your submission picked up. We have listed a few essential tips to give your track a better chance of being picked up.


Make sure you are submitting your music to a blog that usually features similar kind tracks. You’ll need to do your research, and only submit if you are positive there’s a good chance they might feature it.

DO NOT spam multiple people with a generic blanket message. This is the easiest way to get ignored. Learn about the platform/person you’ll be submitting to, & create a personalized message to them.


This point is particularly important. If you don’t follow the guidelines for submission laid out on the blog you’re submitting to, chances are your submission will be ignored. The guidelines will be on the site, most likely on the blog’s submission page itself. Read them. Follow them.


While many music blogs will have a submission form, sometimes it’s a matter of searching for the contact details of the person who runs the site.

Make sure you send your music to the right person. Take the time to find the person whose responsible for submissions, so you can address your email with a ‘Dear John’ rather than a generic ‘Dear Mr Music Blogger’ or similar. It shows you’ve taken the time to learn more about the blog itself and that you care enough to do your research. 


Include a small bio about yourself as an artist (nothing fancy, just enough to tell your story) ,& links to your social media page and music or art, whether it’s on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram or all the above. Links are typically preferred to attachments by the people on the receiving end & your message is less likely to be filtered into spam by email filters.

Free Coverage

Now that you know how to submit, here are a list of our favorite underground platforms that will feature work for free. 

  1. Th3 Mind- we are always looking for independent creatives to feature in our “Behind the art” series, or add to our seasonal playlists, simply email @[email protected] , or dm us on any social media @th3_mind !
  2. Hue magazine- based in Texas, this blog features creatives of all sorts- @hueworldwide
  3. Support art- A worldwide collective- find them @supportart100

All of these platforms offer free & paid promo services for independent artists.


Our favorite paid options

  • submithub. With this , you actually can force top blogs to listen to your work & provide feedback or accept your work. Head over to to get started.

For Easy Blog Campaigns

 on our partnered platforms head over to  Th3 Mind one stop blog shop


Hopefully this provides you with some knowledge to take your career up another level, for more tips check out our blog

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