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Getting Booked 101

Getting Booked 101

You’re a seasoned vet that can bring the house down 

or aspiring performer with dreams of rocking the stage, fans going crazy to your new release.

 But first, you have to get booked to perform.

In this how to, we’ll be going over the process of getting booked for shows. 

  • Some tips to get the gig
  • What to expect when getting booked
  • Benefits of performing live

& a submission form to perform at our upcoming shows!



  • The first thing you’ll need to do is find the promoters that work with venues or shows you are interested in performing at. The promoters are essentially the talent scouts & will be the ones deciding if you get the slot or not.You need to be able to prove you can bring in an audience to make sure all parties involved are making money. 
  • Having a track record or pro built EPK will be key to pitching your case. Having proof of past sales, a large social media following , or a properly built up email list will show the promoters you mean business. (For help starting your email list see Web Development)


  • Research promoters/venues to make sure your music style & demographic match up with theirs. If you’re a hip-hop artist attempting to book a gig at a venue with a country demographic, odds are you wont get the spot & vice versa.


  • Build relationships with promoters, as well as artists that perform frequently, this is an easy way to get your foot in the door without needing to prove your experience.


  • Contact venues professionally. If you’re contacting over email or phone, keep what you are asking for clear & get straight to the point. Don’t hit up professionals with “Yo” & know who you are reaching out to.



  • Have a promotion plan. If you’re selling tickets ahead of time, make sure you’re properly promoting the event to your fanbase. If you’re selling admission at the door, offer incentive for attendees to get there early. 



What to expect

Different shows are thrown with different models. 

  • Some performances will require you to put money up-front for an amount of tickets, you then have to sell your tickets to make your money/profit back. These typically require a few hundred dollars to secure.
  • While others (Such as our Underground Waves shows) will only require a deposit to secure your slot- with no tickets to sell, with add ons such as photography/videography of our set, merch, etc that can be added. With door admission sales being split to involved parties at the end of the show.

Expect to email your music to the promoters/djs ahead of time and/or bring your music on a hard drive or cell phone. Some artists perform with instrumentals , some with full vocal tracks, that choice is typically up to you. 



Some things you’ll gain from live shows are

  • Increased connection with existing fans
  • Gaining new fans
  • A chance to sell merch in person
  • Networking with other performers, talent scouts, or promoters


In short, the easiest way to start performing is to build a track record of your ability to perform, establish connections with people in the field, & to continue building your fan base. 

Youre ready to rock the stage, all that’s left is to go get it!


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