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Behind: R & D

I’m R&d, a rapper and producer from East Side Saint Paul. Moved to Silverton, Oregon in 2019 and am moving to Virginia again this Fall. What do you make I make alternative hip hop music. On any of my album  projects, all sounds are made in-house without any help, including all piano, drum, guitar, and

Behind Delapse

Get to know Delapse, the UK rapper ready to make waves Who are you ?    A-   “My artist name is Delapse”   What do you make? –   A-  I make UK Rap music    What would you say is your unique style? –   A-  My focus is on lyrical content and

Yung S!X

My name is Ariel Gross, however my stage name is Yung$!X. I’m a 21 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, & engineer, but i also do a little producing every now and then. I’m from small town, Morehead, Kentucky & i’m just tryna make good music that people feel & vibe to.    What Do You

The Mind: Creative Oasis

Welcome to Th3 Mind, a creative collective stemming from No Rivals clothing brand. Our purpose with this blog is to provide a creative oasis, where creative minds can let their voice be heard on any & every creative topic,from music,and fashion, to photography, & art. If you have questions, or want to contribute to the