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Breeton Boi

Meet Breeton Boi an 18 yr old Kawaii Artist from the UK. 

Breeton makes rap music with bars heavily influenced by anime and video game culture in his worldwide sound.

 He first got his start in 2015, originally making Pokémon videos and random gameplay clips, he tried his hand in a variety of videos such as Gameplay, Abridged,&  “funny” videos. Eventually turning to his musical side with the infamous Humble freestyle remix “Wumble” going viral in his school and diss track on Lil Puro UK YouTuber “Memeulous”. His track “TODOROKI” is his most successful so far, with 85k plays at the time of this writing!

With a distinct accent that sets him apart from other artists in the genre as he finds himself going away from traditional grime rap, & uses a set of references in his tunes that are distinctly him.Combining that with unique flows, Breeton Boi is an artist to keep your eyes & ears on in 2020. 

Currently working towards the release of his first album, he is excited to share his unique approach to music with his expanding fanbase. 

You can see more from this featured artist at

@BreetonBoi on Twitter

@breetonboioffical on Instagram

Breeton Boi on YouTube & SoundCloud


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