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Catch up With Yung Pajamas

“Out of all my music, this Album reflects me as a person, all my other songs were just songs you could vibe and turn up too, this album really reflects who I am” On April 19th, Yung Pajamas dropped his album “Pink World” on all platforms. This album features 12 songs that really bring into

Vacation by Logan Write

“ I Wanted to work on my sound and my songwriting in this ep, while also being myself and gaining confidence within songs”   That’s what artist Logan Write had to say about his EP “Vacation” that dropped on Friday, June 18th.    The “Vacation” EP features 6 great songs that all have uplifting and

Behind Sixsidesoja

SixSide Soja is an engineer/artist from Los Angeles, California. However, that is just the latest chapter in his story.   Six was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and his family later moved to Indiana, and then Michigan. As he got older he realized that was not the place to be and he decided to venture elsewhere

Behind TT Love

What’s good i’m tt love and i’m from gurnee, illinois   I create music,  with a huge focus on melodies. Sort of like melodic pop mixed with hip-hop. I love expressing my voice in ways people have never heard before and in ways that get stuck in peoples’ heads. My voice is pretty fucking high

Behind Xan Helsing

I am Xan Helsing from Florida As a creative it’s often hard to label yourself as one thing – what all do you create? I mainly like to focus on music as being an artist but I am taking steps and learning how to produce from my friend Stello. I really like to be a

Behind Deads Denizin

My name is Deads Denizin. I am a 17y/o musician & creative based in Oakland county michigan.    Where did you get the name Denizin?    I got the name denizin while at one of my lower points in life around 2018-2019. I’ve always had a very strong connection with the dead and the spiritual

Behind Khid Nando

I’m Khid Nando and I’m from Huntley, IL. I started recording in January of 2017, my first song was “Overseas.” I’m a rapper and I draw inspiration from hip-hop and alternative rock. The first time I ever performed was at a talent show when I was about 10 years old- I dyed my hair green

Behind OMG L33 $OUNDZ

OMG L33 $OUNDZ. The MOST doubted musician in the world. No cap. Recent release- “Stop playing with me” a catchy talk your sh*t kinda track for those going through relationship struggles.  “I was mad when I recorded it. Long story short, mad at a female.”   OMG L33 $OUNDZ · Stop Playing With Me (Prod.

Behind Calcknowledge “Letter To Alli”

We got the inside scoop on new single “Letter To Alli” , read on to learn more Calcknowledge- “My goal for “Letter to Ali” is to catch up with my friend I lost in 2007. I want to bring back good memories for my neighborhood being things aren’t the same anymore. My inspiration was the

Behind Uneek Jetson “King Jetson”

We got the inside scoop on “King Jetson” EP, read on to learn more Q: How has the reaction to your project been so far? A: Good so far everyone seems to have their favorite single. This is my debut EP as a solo artist. But the favorites have been Die A Legend, Move, and