Behind:Chris Vintage - No Rivals

Behind:Chris Vintage

“I was always drawn to the concept of performing. Even at a young age there’s just something about music that always turned me on. Orlando, Florida (the city I’m based in) doesnt have the biggest music scene but I was still exposed to great influences. Around the age of 12 or 13 I really started to ask myself those questions of what I wanted to do with my life. Which I guess in some cases is pretty early. But from that point on I was conflicted with that double edge sword of knowing exactly what I wanted out of life; but still having to go through the step by step process of every day 9 to 5 corporate America. When I was 14 I formed a rock n’ roll band with some friends in school. We played a few local gigs around town & even recorded a 4 track demo with original songs. The band didn’t last more than a year but it sparked something in me that wouldn’t leave: the art of songwriting. Fast forward to my senior year of high school I really started to get serious with music. I was heavily involved with producing, writing lyrics & even got my first drum machine. I started to record hip hop tracks with friends using basic home recording set-ups. In 2015 I recorded & released my very first project “Looking thru Glass EP” exclusively on SoundCloud. A few months after it’s release I began to enroll in artist showcases around the area including Miami & Texas. In June of 2016 I followed up with my debut full length mixtape “When The Stars Align” exclusively on SoundCloud. This project helped propel me to getting booked for my first real shows opening for the likes of EPMD in Boston & Kirko Bangz in LA, along with performing at the legendary Los Angeles rock club the “Whisky a Go Go” in early 2017. Throughout 2017 I had decided to enroll in FIRST Institute a Recording Arts program here in Orlando Florida to study audio engineering & studio ethics. I graduated later that year. By early 2018 I had gained my own studio equipment with a solid foundation of knowledge towards mixing & mastering my music. In July of 2018 I released my most recent album “ Sleepwalking on the Boulevard”. My first project available on all major streaming platforms. Easily my most critically acclaimed project to date. I’ve been able to build relationships with alot of great brands on Twitter including @SupportArt100 to help expand my brand to other demographics. I’m working on merchandising, visuals, new music & shows all coming up in the near future! Thanks for letting me tell my story.
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