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Behind Yousef Dave “Vault Mix Vol.1”

– how long did it take to create the EP?

Vault Mix, Vol. 1 is essentially tracks that I experimented with that didn’t have a home (Project) they were attached to. As a way to declutter (out with the old, to make room for the new) I created a compilation consisting of. 


  1. Unsung Melodies (Instrumental or a Canvas as I like to call it)
  2. So Beautiful (Ode to a Rose) |Acapella, Melodic|
  3. I Remember ( Storytelling & playing around with layering, while paying homage)
  4. Roll Away The Stone (Canvas Tape, Pt. 4) |Continuation of my Canvas Tape Series|


It took about a month to gather the songs together and feel satisfied with the finishing touches. My main focus was how they flowed together to tell a story in order of their creations. Each piece was literally created one after another over the span of 2020. 


– Did you have any collaborators ? 

As far as collaborators this is a Yousef Dave, #ProducedByYD venture. From the ground up I worked on each piece. I do however want to shoutout Bedrock Sway, and Jefe. They gave some insight that helped me mold some ideas I had pertaining to the layering of I Remember. Sway genuinely hears most of my work as it’s being processed, that’s a good brother of mine. Jefe is a natural with production and I trust his musical ear, not only from our work on Judah Lion Tale but constructing community events as well. 


– How’d you know it was the one?

Vault Mix, Vol. 1 makes me feel free honestly. I know once it is released I’ll be able to go to the next works I have in mind musically. Every release has a purpose and a season I feel. It will not only resonate for me, but those who look for abstract sounds that tell authentic stories. Sometimes a different perspective can open up your entire imagination. 


– What was your goal with the tracks?

  1. Unsung Melodies- This is a favorite of mine, it reminds me of my teenage years. Flipping through the static on the airwaves and coming across a really groovy intro to a song. It really was meant to get the presence of the vault mix glowing, like a warm up.
  2. So Beautiful (Ode to a Rose)- Making soulful sounds is something that I admire the likes of Teddy Pendergrass, Earth Wind & Fire, Shia, etc. for. So Beautiful is intended to take the aspect of a rose and paint it black. Black is just as beautiful as the brightly colored red. Though hard to come across when you find this color, it is tantalizing to the eyes. 
  3. I Remember- This is a journey down memory lane for me. It made me recognize how as a young one you tend to miss the important pieces of life, because you’re shielded and don’t have the knowledge nor experience the ones before you do. It’s not only an ode to growing up, but homage to going from surviving to beginning to thrive. Plus it is a special song dedicated to my pawpaw who passed on 2 years ago.
  4. Roll Away The Stone (Canvas Tape, Pt. 4)- Roll Away The Stone is a story you have to envision. It’s like rising from the grave, exposing yourself to be renewed from what once was. The sounds of shackles falling, the uttering of the bassline thumping you forward. It charges you but also gives you space to breath. Meditative and healing all in one. 


– What’s your favorite part of the songs? 

  1. The intro and outro of Unsung Melodies do it for me lol, I love the claps.
  2. So Beautiful I played my clarinet in the intro and outro, that was fun because of the nostalgic style it created. S/O Slim (My Clarinet)
  3. I Remember was probably my favorite because of the manipulation of my voice, hitting the different levels of lows within my flow was really cool. 
  4. Roll Away The Stone just takes me to a different place, it’s one portion where everything crescendos at once and it’s like… wow… this is beautiful 

-Did you do anything dope for the rollout? 

The most I’ve done is word of mouth, spreading the news on my media and reaching to you all. This is our first interview so I’m extremely grateful !

After a year of so many releases I want this to ease into people’s ear gate. While further building genuines connections like the one we are creating now.


– What’s next from you? 

Man, I’m honestly diving into more poetry, writing my next books and painting. I have projects blueprinted but I’m just enjoying the moments right now as they come, God has been good to a brother and I want to spend time purposely acknowledging that. Especially with everything that’s been going on this year.


– Where can readers find you?

You can find me most active on Twitter or IG, My handle is @YousefCreates. All of my work is constantly uploaded to my site as well YousefCreates.Com


Thanks for your time, Stay Groovy, Ya’Know?


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