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Behind Woozy ( Swooplug)

Get to know producing talent Swooplug, & his plans for 2020

  1. Who are you ?


 A-   “1. I’m woozy, also known as my producer name swooplug, born and raised in the RIO GRAND VALLEY (south texas)


  1. What do you make? –


A-  i create art/music and produce hip hop



  1. What would you say is your unique style? –


A-  I am not limited to music, I bring out the different genres in my hip hop beats and music, Contin. Funk music is my main influence in my music, although keeping the same new wave of hip hop.


  1. What are some things you accomplished in 2019?-


A-     In 2019 I was able to release many songs and projects on my soundcloud, 2019 was also the announcement of my debut album “THIRDI” set to release in February. The 1st single was dropped on ALL platforms named “SOUL” in December.  The 2nd single is releasing this month as well “DON’T BE INSANE”.


  1. What’s in store for 2020?-


A-   2020 is when my debut drops “THIRDI”, which includes many different influences and changes in my music. Performances on stage is in store as well.


  1. Where can readers find you? –


A-   This is actually the first installment of an article on “WOOZY and SWOOPLUG”, but readers can follow me and watch me grow as an artist who paints himself along the way! Be on the lookout for my growth in the future ? Luv


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