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Behind – Wolf Jesus

I go by the name of WolfJesus. Born and Raised in California. I’m 28 years old. Music saved my life.
My genes range from Rap to Bedroom Pop. I like to branch out and do everything. I really enjoy working with other artists and creating something new.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was about 11 years old but I was always shy about it and I hated my voice. I got my official start in music when I moved back to Cali after being in Chicago for year. Chicago brought the rapper out of me.
I produced albums for some small town rappers and was never compensated & it made me never wanna do music again. Then when I was 17 I started working at Gotham City (a popular underage club in my hometown).
I made a name for myself as a producer and got back into music. A few years later, a good friend of mine talked me into starting our own music group. That was 2012 and I’ve been doing it ever since.

The main difference between me and other artists is my personality, my flow, my speaking style and my presence. I am a complete enigma. There’s no style of music I won’t touch. I’m everywhere and nowhere. I can be the hero or the villain.

I’m working on my next album and theres no release date on that. And Abstract Individuals Media Group, my label is putting out a project later this year that I’m not supposed to talk about. I’m really excited for it though.

Readers can find me on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud and Reverberation. If you wanna get in contact with me hit me on Instagram. I’m on that most. I love you guys. Keep smiling.


No Rivals

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