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Behind Willy Beats

We go behind the art with Willy Beats 


  1. Who are you/where are you from


I go by the name Willy Beats, and I’m a Hip-Hop producer/artist from Belton, Texas. Belton is directly in the center of Texas between Waco and Austin. 


  1. What do you make


I definitely lean more towards Hip-Hop style instrumentals when producing, but I’m open to making whatever sounds and feels good in the moment.Hip-Hop is definitely my forte though.  My roots are deeply based in Rock and Hip-Hop, and both have had a major influence in my life. 


  1. When did you start/ how long


I started making beats when I was around 17 years old (late 2016). When I was 19 (around April or May of 2019) I started to take this music shit serious and that’s when I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life. I graduated in December of 2019 with a BBA in Marketing from Texas State University, and ever since then I’ve moved back home and have been doing music full time trying to hone in on my craft and network like crazy. My focus is on building my brand and maintaining ownership. I want to build an empire and I’m staying patient and doing everything independent. I’ve definitely been met with a ton of adversity and pressure from my parents and surrounding family about getting a “real job,” but I will continue to pursue my passions unapologetically and will do things my way and on my own terms. I stand ten toes down on never compromising myself for anyone or anything. I’m building an empire for the future, something that’ll be here long after I’m gone. It’s all about having that foresite and building for the long term while doing it all independently. 


  1. What makes you different/ what’s your unique style

In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve truly found my style yet. That’s something I’m working on finding while trying new things. I can say I am a true student of the game and study the greats on how to move. Some of the producers I study include J. Dilla, Boi1da, Hit Boy, Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Kanye West, !llmind, Daringer, Kenny Beats, Scott Storch, Pharrell, Dj Premier Alchemist, Pete Rock, and many more. 


I would say production styles used by artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Russ, Nick Grant, Griselda, Lute, J. Cole, and many more are what influence me the most. But I would also like to be known for being able to dabble in many styles of Hip-Hop. It’s all about the feel for me, and as I continue to experiment I know that I’ll find my own pockets. 


  1. Any projects recent or future you’re excited about


Yes for sure! I just released my latest single “Catch A Flight” (feat. P33) on August 5th, It’s available on all streaming services! I’ve also got new singles coming every two weeks until the end of September. I’m definitely looking forward to getting these records out to the world!


“Catch A Flight” is available for stream here: 


Be sure to check out my upcoming single coming out on August 19th, “23” (feat. D Cravo) 


“23” is available for pre-save now and available for streaming August 19th!  


  1. Where can readers find you

(Anything you want to add here that we didn’t cover)


To stream, donate, follow, and support Willy Beats, visit here.


To follow, support, and learn more about my label and concept Nuthin’ But Music, visit here. 


Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @willybeats1

All my music is available for streaming on all platforms!

Any and all support is much appreciated.

All love,

Willy Beats


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