Behind- Will2Wavy - No Rivals

Behind- Will2Wavy

Who are you?


WW-. I’m Will2wavy just a producer/rapper i do stuff on the side as well but it’s too much to list 


What do you primarily create?


WW-. Rap music


What would you say is your unique sound or message in music?


WW-. My sound tbh ian notice it at first others called it out but I usually focus onna video game sound I mainly sample video games but give it a universal feel


Any projects on the horizon?


WW- Ye tons tbh since I produce I have a lot w a few artists like one w this guy named bigwoejuko4900 called “rude4ever” fully produced by me another w Lil $ega otw called “Blue Ranger” apart of his power rangers series I think I only have one placement in that maybe another tbh but the next one should be fully produced by me. I’m also working w DJs where we put acapellas over my beats then make a cool lil mix over it we haven’t came up w a name for it yet tho ima listen to all the songs + then come to a conclusion.


Where can readers find you? 


WW- You can find me on all streaming platforms as “Will2wavy” or “Will2wavyyy” (on SoundCloud) Instagram is @will2wavyyy + my Twitter is @ADGWill2Wavy


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