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Behind WEAR?


A Double Meaning

​WEAR? is brand that’s name is meant to associate a double meaning, this is how I create my clothing based off those double meanings. Most of my clothing is influenced by words, sayings, or phrases that I interpret literally, most of the time into a small comic box or even a comic strip then I slap the graphic I made onto an article clothing I see appropriate to the comic I’ve made. When I hear a word or phrase, my brain associates that phrase with an image then I find it interesting to draw that image out to see what it truly looks like all put together. All items are hand drawn by me then digitalized through photoshop, Illustrator, or even both.

​All my pieces are very simplistic, colorful, and vibrant. I do this because I think it is cool to be able to wear my clothing with your favorite pieces from other collections. You buy a simple yet vibrant crewneck, tee, or sweatshirt from my brand and you are able to rock it with a sick outerwear piece or a more intricate pair of denim. Letting the two items compliment each other.

​My most recent drop which dropped black Friday (11/29/2019, @ 12 am) was influenced by “retail therapy” and the 2 pieces within this drop were called “Retail Therapy Hotline”.  Within this piece I depict two images that came to mind when I thought about retail therapy hotline. One a woman is having a therapy session with a doctor and is asked “why did you go shopping?” and the woman says Because I was sad!”. In the other a woman is calling the retail therapy hotline crying.

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