Behind Vante2x - No Rivals

Behind Vante2x

I’m Vante2x, a diverse rapper from Toledo, Ohio

I create several types of rap, my music catalog covers rap, pop, r&b, hyper pop, and many more, I never liked to stay in just ONE lane

I started writing music for 9 years, when I was 13 I wrote just for fun, never showed anyone my raps until my junior year of high school and that’s where the buzz began.

What makes me different as an artist, I create sauce and bring swagger to every beat I associate my name with and try to give every song pleasant/catchy lyrics so that my listeners enjoy my songs from start to beginning, I string together every flow with sharp ad libs that are pleasant to the ear

I’m excited to drop these unreleased singles to follow up my first song out on all platforms called cloud talk that’s creating a huge buzz on all platforms, these unreleased songs are all high energy, party vibe and fun tunes to prep you for a night full of adventures or even hype you up before walking into your 9-5 everyday

Readers can find me on Twitter @yvng_vante

Instagram @yvngvante2x

Snapchat @almighty_vante

And under all streaming platforms as “Vante2x”

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No Rivals

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