Behind TT Love - No Rivals

Behind TT Love

What’s good i’m tt love and i’m from gurnee, illinois


I create music,  with a huge focus on melodies.

Sort of like melodic pop mixed with hip-hop.

I love expressing my voice in ways people have never heard before and in ways that get stuck in peoples’ heads.

My voice is pretty fucking high so i try to use that to my advantage lmao.

Most of my music is either produced by oscar4400xy or prod.mallek and they do a great job of making beats that fit my voice.

On top of music, I also create cover art and have used some of my art for my own covers.


I started writing lyrics in 2015 to youtube beats during class in high school. I didn’t start recording shit until 2016. One of my buddies brought me to a studio and I fell in love right away with the recording process. Shit just felt natural and I been making music ever since.


I’m not afraid to try different sounds.

One week i’ll be making hyperpop songs and the next week i’ll be making r&b type shit.

Other than that i don’t think i’m different. Everybody loves to say that their sound is on another level but i just try to make my shit as genuine as possible and let the rest fall into place.

I just want my music to make people feel a certain type of way and make them not afraid to express their real self cuz that’s what i do when i make music.


I’m releasing a music video for an unreleased song  directed by Jake Bassler. His videos are prolific man i love how this one turned out.

I feel like it captures my personality perfectly. I also have a few singles that imma put out after the video that mean a lot to me and where i’m at right now. As far as previous music goes, i dropped a tape in August called GUMMY. Go check that out 🙂 




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Twitter: tt_loveee

Instagram: ttlovveex


No Rivals

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