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Behind The Lazy River Tape

The reaction to the project has been amazing! We constantly have fans posting and playing the songs on all social media platforms.


From start to finish the project took us about 3 months with cuts and edits of what we wanted to keep. 


When creating Lazy River we were in the mindset of going out on a friday or saturday night and wanting to get prepared to party. 


Our Favorite song from our project is Savage. We collectively believe this is a perfect song to set the mood of the tape. 


The overall mood of our project was “turn up” music. When creating the project it was hard to be in that mindset everyday. Some days we didn’t feel like “turning up” and would have blank days. Other days we would knock out 3 songs that could have potentially made the tape. 


Not too many crazy experiences behind the scenes. However, we don’t have a mic stand so there were many times were the tape would unravel and the mic would fall over causing many retakes. 


To describe our sound we would use the word “upbeat”. Everything is fast paced because that is the kind of music we prefer to listen to. 


Our influences consist of many people such as Drake, Mac Miller, Tory Lanez, newer artists like Lil Tecca, Gunna, and as far back as Jagged Edge, Eminem, and 50 cent. 


Go Stream the whole Lazy River Tape. It’s out on all streaming platforms and we assure you won’t be disappointed.


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