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Behind: The Book Queen


Meet Neka Porter, also known as

  “The Book Queen”. 

An avid lover of reading & writing, determined to leave a legacy in the field. 

Neka is a freelance writer who specializes in novels & short stories over poetry. She is  new to writing in magazines as she recently began writing for HUEmagazine as well as 76036 music magazine. She is currently writing for HUEMAGAZINE, 76036 Music, Black Magazine, & USA Current Events, of which she is head writer for 3.


She took her first steps into the field of story-telling as a kid, when she began telling stories to her family members. 

The Book Queen then went on to write & publish her first novel at 17 with her best friend Nakeba Todd titled-

 “A Country Not Your Own” 


Personally & Creatively , she is heavily inspired by family- growing up with vast influences and supportive people pushing her to do follow her own path & instilling her with a  can do anything mindset 

She strives to contains inspirational positive message in everything she writes & is currently working on her 3rd novel titled “On The Run”. 

This novel focuses on life as a black woman- following three women from different classes and the issues and lives they deal with day to day. 


You can check out her work on or 

Nekas books are available on amazon &  

You can follow her on 

 Twittter: @bookqueen & & @queenneka504

 Ig:  @themelaninpocahontas

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