Behind: Sly Ross - No Rivals

Behind: Sly Ross

My name is Sly Ross

I love to make hip-hop/rap music that anybody of my generation can relate to

I cant tell you the year when I started rapping but just know it started with a recording mic and tape recorder and remix version to the happy birthday song to my Auntie lol

What makes me different from any rapper today locally….every single song is real,relatable and different every single time you hear my voice and nationally unique because there is no other fat guy with the same energy and versatility as the Fat Gawd

I just recently dropped my first LP project called
” I Am What I Am Album ”
and im excited for my fans(hopefully new fans as well )to hear whats been my different moods the past year and hearing how I express it on this album and I cant wait to hear the criticism

You can find me on [email protected]fatsheezus
Facebook- Sly Ross

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