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Behind Sixsidesoja

SixSide Soja is an engineer/artist from Los Angeles, California. However, that is just the latest chapter in his story.


Six was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and his family later moved to Indiana, and then Michigan. As he got older he realized that was not the place to be and he decided to venture elsewhere to start his music career. 


SixSide Soja’s first song “The Beat” was released on Soundcloud at the age of 10.


“I was being babysat by an up and coming DJ in Michigan, his name was DJ Blowfish, he really liked my voice at the time, so he allowed me to hop in the studio with him to start my rap career”


Throughout the past couple of years, Six had decided to move out on his own. He moved to Minneapolis and Denver, but each came with its own challenges that he had to overcome. 


In the end, he decided the challenges were too great, and that brought him back to Kalamazoo, Michigan “The Zoo” near his hometown. 


Kalamazoo is directly between Chicago and Detroit, making it a really big drug hotspot. That being said, it draws in a lot of young people that make their way doing a lot of crazy things.


Coming back to Kalamazoo, Six knew that drugs or music was his only way out. He chose music. Having a studio out there helped him get on his feet so that he could move on to the next chapter in his story. 


On April 27th, 2021 Six packed up his things and made the move to Los Angeles, California in hopes of making connections and music with many different artists. 


“In the other places I was making music with people, but none of the songs were being posted. I was making the money but felt like I was ripping people off, by just making songs that will never be heard. I was hoping in LA I could engineer for people and get their songs heard.”


Ever since moving to LA, Six has met and worked with a lot of artists, along with Performing and DJing in different shows around the area. 


At the age of 19, Six is working day and night to make his name known in the music world. 


Growing up with a mom who was signed with Ruthless Records, Along with a dad who was in a Band called “Atticus Fall” who had just signed a Million Dollar record deal with MCA Universal in Santa Monica when he was first born, you can say Six has music in his blood. 


At the age of 19, Six is working day and night to make his name known in the music world.


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