Behind Reesie Woods & his upcoming track Midnight II - No Rivals

Behind Reesie Woods & his upcoming track Midnight II

Aye, my name is Reesie Woods.

I am from Merrillville, Indiana, born in Gary, Indiana.

I am a creator, creative, singer,songwriter, and an ideator.  Most importantly I am a hard worker, and I am a positively driven individual. 


I started creating for as long as I can remember.

Creating is something I feel like we all start very early on in a childhood from coloring and all of the kiddy activities we did. I was a kid, and I was obsessed with hot wheels, and I used to make my own race car tracks out of anything that just so happened to be in the house.

O wow was my imagination so vivid. “HAHA”.

I started singing when I was a child, just humming and singing infectious songs my grandmother, and mother played around me. So the influence to create has always been around me as well. For as long as I can remember.


As a creative I do not think it is hard to label myself as one thing,

but being a creative is one of the labels I proudly wear. I think if you are a creative you possess many gifts. 

As a creator I create ideas (ideator/), I write songs, create designs for a clothing line I share (Protagnia),  I content create, sing, I produce , I think I Possess many different gifts. However Music and Fashion I love the most and I gravitate towards.

Being a creative I feel as thought is one of the best things you can be, and if you feel as though you can go all the way with that gift then shoot for the damn stars!     

What makes me different is me the fact that I am able to just naturally be myself, and that shows in everything that I do, say, and touch.

That was something I had to realize about myself, and I continue on this journey of self discovery. Cause when you ex out of the distractions in your life, and actually take time to discover yourself you become more enlightened as to who you are, which I think is absolutely  prepossessing.

Also, I think it’s unconventional, which makes me nervous cause everybody should know themselves or take the time to. My unique style  ?? Musically I say just my sound, the tone in my voice, and my ideas, but also my personal experiences. Style I think my minimalist approach to fashion, with my retro pieces, and undertones. Also I have pieces that are just plain weird, and I love that they are weird.

How are you going to be a trendsetter being normal and playing it safe?? PLEASE TELL ME??? LOL 


 So you are on the verge of releasing your new single “Midnight II” , tell me more about the track

This song I feel is one of my best yet! I love this song! This song is a continuation of my original song Midnight. “So call it Reesie’s Midnight Sagas”

Nah, but this new song “Midnight II.” is about being in a situation  where you love someone, you find yourself in these cycles, but you always somehow end up right back to this person.

I see it as a beautiful nightmare,cycle type of situation. In the second verse I am singing “Save me from your midnight” meaning save me from this nightmare. 


How long did it take to create the track?

It honestly did not take long at all at the most two weeks , but not even. The process happened steady and naturally which is what I prefer, but that does not always happen.

 Did you have any collaborators ?

I had a collaborator Antonio Cornelius who goes by ZenMasterTone. A good friend of mine I asked to be apart of the track. Also the producer of the track Schyler Smith, who is crazily vibey!


How’d you know it was ready to release?

I knew it was ready to release when I heard the instrumental that was produced from me.

Honestly you just know. The song really struck a chord and the lyrics came so naturally. It gave off that vibe that I was feeling, and it just really fell into place (again) so naturally. 

What’s the reaction been like

The reaction amongst my circle has been super dope, and very gratifying I must say.

However most importantly my reaction means the world, and I play it every single day, all day everyday. Still to this day it shocks me because it’s me who I am listening to! 

What was your goal with the track?

This track is a part of me still introducing myself as an up and coming Artist.

So the goal is still to establish that Reesie Woods distinctive sound. The sound nobody can really figure out. (LOL)


What’s your favorite part of the song?

My favorite part about the song is the bridge, The beat is taken away, and it justs this magical moment. Almost like an ascension!

The vocals the falsetto, its definitely an eargasm moment forsure. 


Did you do anything dope for the rollout? 

Interviews, and teaser videos, and even an actual music video.

I have not done a music video in such a long time, and I felt it was the perfect time to do so. 


 What’s next from you? 

What’s next from me is of course more music, collaborations, and I always also features on a couple of tracks coming out soon.

So I am hella, crazily excited about that!

More stuff coming from our clothing line Protagnia within the start of the new year. More fashions of course, and videos.

Since graduating from college I am meditating and manifesting in so many things, so I am always remaining positive, and always having a clear head.

So if anything life changing experiences are in the near future. So I am humbly, and boldly growing into who I know I am supposed to be in life, I am happy to display this journey and just talk about, and inspire somebody else.

So that is what is next from me!


Where can readers find you?

All of you can find me everywhere 

Music Platforms: Reesie Woods 

Social Media: @reesiewoods  



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