Behind: R & D - No Rivals

Behind: R & D

I’m R&d, a rapper and producer from East Side Saint Paul.

Moved to Silverton, Oregon in 2019 and am moving to Virginia again this Fall.

What do you make

I make alternative hip hop music. On any of my album  projects, all sounds are made in-house without any help, including all piano, drum, guitar, and other instrumental lines. Vocals and mixing are also handled by me, using my 2010 MacBook and a really shitty old version of GarageBand because it won’t update and I can’t afford anything else.

I also make beats for others, as well as write and produce for anybody willing to give me a shot. Overall, I make music because it’s something I love more than anything on the Earth.

When did you start/ how long

A hard question to answer because music has been on and off since I was a kid. I played saxophone for 8 years, and also in High School and as a part of the Minnesota Symphony for about 2 concerts. I got kicked out at 17 and had to drop college because they weren’t supporting “independant adults under the age of 25”. Long story short, took a break from music to secure my own living, and then picked it back up in 2018 after being assaulted by my roommate and kicked out of my apartment. Been doing it everyday now, since about January 2018. Self taught and hungry 🙂 

What makes you different/ what’s your unique style

I listen to music compulsively. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with Synaesthesia, in which my hearing connects colors to my brain that I see when music is playing. From there, the rest is history. 

In 2018, the same year I started, I made it my New Year’s resolution to listen to 1000 albums before 2019, and I accomplished it with 1,027 albums. It’s with this knowledge I create my music. I think my music is different because I pull ideas from places others aren’t willing to travel in the genre. For example, the Headphones production is based around a mix of Kid Cudi, The Beach Boys, and Marty Robbins. Music is infinite, and so because of that fact, coming up with new ideas is something I can do until I die, or at least I hope. 

Any projects recent or future you’re excited about

The easy answer is The Headphones PT 2. I released the first part when I realized it was the first time I’d made something that good without any support, loops, or anything, and it’s drawn a lot of support since. I have so many cool ideas that twist how hip hop usually works. I’m REALLY REALLY excited for the world to hear my songs. 

From there, like I said, I’m an ideas guy. I’ve got so many cool projects that could shape into really special moments for people , and right now, nobody who can tell me to do anything different. I’m excited to get signed and make some actual money doing this one day, but for now, a lot of excitement in these crazy worlds I’m going to build for people. Your average Joe underestimates the ability to transform entire spaces with music, and it’s one of those things I’ll focus on in the future. 

Where can readers find you

I’m proud to say that they can look me up on ALL streaming platforms, as well as on YouTube and my own personal site (coming soon). My beats are always available on sale at under RandDRap, and otherwise I’m always on Twitter if anybody is looking to meet me or collab or something. As an artist, I think it’s important to stay connected with people, so hopefully that can continue with the success I’ve seen from that mentality so far. 

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