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Behind Pulp

My name is Pulp! I’m from Wisconsin and live in Minnesota.

I’m an artist and producer. I also mix, make visuals, art, and whatever else I wanna try.

I started recording music around 2016 and I have been writing/creating art as long as I can remember.

I spend a ton of time writing and a lot of my music is really bar focused. I try to capture a specific emotion in everything I make and I get (too) personal in most of my shit.  My production can be pretty unique, too.

My band, @GIVEUPSTILLHERE just released a project titled “dgtl oxy“. We worked on it for about a year and I’m very pleased with the final outcome. I also have been working on a personal album for most of 2020.  

All of my links are here:

All of my socials are @giveuppulp

Thank you!

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