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Behind: Photojinix

Hello, my name is Zach Trimble, or here and there people refer to me as Photojinix. I’m an amateur photographer, Ball State University student, and Muncie local. I’ve tried to dabble in video production, but currently my main creative outlet is photography. Photojinix was the name of an instagram page I started a while back for my photography. (To clarify something that I find funny- a lot of people who talk to me about it pronounce it  “Photo-JINX” but in my head it was supposed to be pronounced “photogenics” just with strange spelling because back when I made the account I thought it would be trendy or original to spell it that way.) I’ve loved photography as long as I can remember, always asking for disposable cameras as a kid so that I could take pictures and then get them printed to hang in my room. Shout-out to the Hot Wheels disposable cameras I used to shoot with back in elementary. I saved up and bought my first DSLR camera around the fall of my junior year in high school. It was an old, used, beat up Canon Rebel T3i that I got off Ebay with the default 18-55mm lens that usually comes with that camera. Thankfully I’ve upgraded sense then, I still don’t have a full frame camera like I’d prefer- but I’ll get there eventually. There are two things that I believe sets my photography apart from your typical high school kid who picks up a camera and takes a couple pictures of his friends. The first being my creativity, but most photographers are very creative people so that doesn’t give me a huge step outside the group. The second thing is the bigger reason, and that’s my incredible wanderlust. I get this constant urge to explore just pulling and tugging at every single cell in my body, I feel like I’m tweaking if I don’t get out and adventure every so often. I literally start to fiend like exploring is nicotine or something. This has led me to end up taking places in many breathtaking locations, mostly backcountry hiking trails or abandoned buildings. I’ve hiked through some incredible places like Colorado, Isle Royale, Pictured Rocks, the Smokies, and I’ve also walked through my fair share of abandoned property such as factories, hospitals, asylums, schools, churches, and more. The locations I shoot in are what sets me apart from your typical kid with a camera. When I started taking pictures in abandoned buildings is when more people started taking an interest in my photography. As far as future projects planned out, I don’t have any specific plans right now. I know I should be setting goals to improve, but my mind is mainly focused on school and work right now. One of my jobs is at a photography studio, so that helps increase my skills for studio work and similar ideas- but there’s not much creative freedom to it. For now I’d encourage all the readers to follow along with Th3 Mind and No Rivals Shop, those are both commonplaces you can find my work and keep updated with what I have coming out when I start working on projects again. I have a photography instagram I mentioned earlier, you can find it @photojinix, but it’s not in use currently. I haven’t posted on that profile in a little over a year because I’d like to focus more on improving my craft and how I feel about what I’m creating before I pump it out into the world. I feel that I should be very proud of my progression and my work before I’m asking others to support my page. You can still find occasional photography on my personal instagram, find it @forsooth, or you can check out my portfolio here. That’s all that’s going on with me right now, make sure to follow Th3 Mind and No Rivals on social media to see more from me. 

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