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Behind Pato

I am Michelle Perez,

but my friends call me Pato (it means Duck in Spanish),

I am 23 years old and I am a self-taught digital painter and character designer (I am currently finishing my study career as a graphic designer)


I live in the Caribbean on a small island called Isla de Margarita located in Venezuela.


As a creative it’s often hard to label yourself as one thing – what all do you create?


As a creative I don’t place myself on a label, I think that as a person, we all live in constant change and personal and professional growth.

I am passionate about creating highly detailed pieces, and characters with a background, with content, that transmits a feeling or a story.


When did you start?

I could say that since I was 7 years old, I had fun and above all I loved to see how I progressed and changed my style as I grew and passed the years.

I began to take it seriously when I was 15 years old, I began to experiment with different techniques and tools.
I started painting digitally at the beginning of 2019, I use adobe photoshop, I keep improving, everything is in practice and practice.


What is your unique style?

We are human, we can all feel sadness and happiness or the absence of them … I transform those feelings and personal experiences into writing and painting.

As a real life full of ups and downs, so bittersweet haha,

I fill my life paintings with textures, colors and every detail of how I see everything from the inside out. I

I describe my unique style as Emotional Style.

Any projects recent or future you’re excited about?

For now I am working on “Bittersweet” a project of 7 pieces, they will be full of colors and emotions, it is a timeline, personal stories that I have already overcome and made me grow.

About the future I am really excited I will be able to launch 3 new characters and tell stories through them, and probably others will be incorporated in the course.


Where can readers find you?

Well this has come to an end, I really enjoyed sharing a little about myself and what I am passionate about.

I am always in an existential lagoon but you can find me on the following platforms:








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