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Behind Organically

Get behind up & coming rapper & beat maker Lennymadethis, and his new album “Organically”

How has the reaction to your project been so far?


  1. The reaction has been overall pretty good. I mean I’ve played it for my friends and they’ve talked about how it isn’t like anything they’ve heard. Which makes me feel good that they can see how I have my own style.


How long did it take to make “organic” from start to finish, recording-wise?


  1. In total “organically” took around a month and half of writing and recording and me producing all the tracks besides sight seeing and then me mixing and mastering everything too. 


What kind of ‘sound’, production wise, did you have in your mind, prior to entering the studio?


  1.  I first started producing beats and that’s it.  It helped me develop my own sound cause I’ll make my own melodies and never use samples but I mainly just wanted to make something that people haven’t heard before. Something that you can’t pick out a definite influence on


What kind of input did the producer have during the process

And are you pleased with the final outcome? (sound – production wise)


  1. The producer for this was myself so I made all the beats and had all the creative freedom. 


Please inform us about your favorite songs and lyrical highlights and why?


  1.  I experimented with the whole thing whether it was layering vocals and melodies etc. To create something that doesn’t Sound like anything I’ve heard before and that was the main goal. 


How would you describe the sound of your tape to any potential new fan?


  1.  It’s honestly hard for me to pick a favorite song of this project because they’re all completely different. Not one song sounds similar to another. Also there are a lot of bars on this project so it’s hard to choose. But I’d say sight seeing is up there just because of the bounce and the bars in that song go crazy. “Goin off script I keep on flipping like the tassel on the cap and gown”. Idk I just thought that bar was so hard because I graduate in a couple months and when you graduate you obviously flip the tassel.


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