Behind OMG L33 $OUNDZ - No Rivals

Behind OMG L33 $OUNDZ

OMG L33 $OUNDZ. The MOST doubted musician in the world. No cap.

Recent release- “Stop playing with me” a catchy talk your sh*t kinda track for those going through relationship struggles.

 “I was mad when I recorded it. Long story short, mad at a female.”



how long did it take to create the track?


Honestly I recorded this song in about 2 minutes.

I didn’t even write it down. I just heard the beat and started catching it with my flow. 


How’d you know it was ready to release?


To be honest, I didn’t. I was like “why am I not gonna drop this record”? I like it. But who cares about my opinion right? It’s about my fans and shit.


What’s the reaction been like?


Well I dropped the song on my SoundCloud on January 1st 2021. The new year. It’s been moving since then on Spotify. I’m at like almost 4K streams. My goal is like 5K. To be exact it’s 3.6K at the moment. 


What was your goal with the track?


To be real with you, my goal was just to attract some listeners so they could get to know who I am by my style and genre of my music. I wanted to let them know that I’m creative also.



What’s your favorite part of the song? (Lyrics, beat switches anything like that)


“stop playing with me”, stop playing with me! Duhh! The hook in the song.

Listen to the beginning, it’s catchy though. You understand the moral of it all? STOP PLAYING WITH ME.

People are doubting me so I’ll just keep doing what I love the most. And that’s making music.


– –did you do anything dope for the rollout? 


So as far as this goes. I’m starting to establish my brand OMGFL ENTERTAINMENT which is ON MY GRIND FOR LIFE or OMGFL for short.

I’ve got a few things I’m handling outside of the music thing, especially for this release. You feel me?

I’ve got some Merch talk I’m dealing with and I plan on reaching out to some different people in the music business to accompany me with leading me into the right direction for press opportunities. 

Let’s get this song to 100K streams across the board on Spotify and SoundCloud and I’ll drop a video.


What’s next from you?


What’s next for me is what’s next for everyone else. Wake up alive and stay healthy and away from Covid-19.

I’m going to be dropping some more music more consistently on social media and within my music distribution.

I’m dropping a crazyyyy song really soon so stay tuned.  I’m grinding everyday as I should and that’s what I’m all about. O.M.G.F.L. Baby.


Where can readers find you?


If people wanna find me. They can look me up on under “OMG L33 $OUNDZ. I’ll pop up easy. I mean I am the ONLY OMG L33 $OUNDZ in the world. Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Apple Music, Spotify, and so on. You chose and you shall find me. Hit me up on Instagram for all personal inquiries though. My name is @omgl33

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