Behind: Offspring Mysterious - No Rivals

Behind: Offspring Mysterious

How long did it take to create the track?

I remember back in March, it was my friend’s birthday. Shout’s out to him by the way. Before I left, I was trying my hardest to not leave empty handed with the melody. It took me 45 minutes to think of a startup melody cause you know, Beat Block is everyone’s best friend am I right? Then around midnight, I got back home, sat my food in the fridge and went ham on the beat. I wasn’t finished till 2 or 3 in the morning with bags in my eyes. To round it up, 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Did you have any collaborators ?

Sadly no, but the only time I collab with somebody is if we’re making cover art together, and that’s when my homie and shouts out to him Black C.A.S.H. make some dope heat together.

How’d you know it was the one?

Honestly, no matter if all your friends, family, or supporters think it’s the one. It all comes down to if you feel if this is it. Now, I could say “O this one is unique, this one is nobody ever thought of doing, or everybody gonna feel like they’re in a epic battle when they play this.” No, not gonna say that. How I know if this is the one is if my heart feels the song. If I’m constantly playing it 24/7 on repeat and my heart feels the kick, that’s how I know it’s the one. And I do it all the time. Surprisingly I’m not hard of hearing yet.

What was your goal with the track?

My goal for every track I do is to outdo my last one. I always have that mentality of damn, how can I do better than my last one? I tap into my inner chi and use my creatigan to make this one sound better then the last one. When people say this is my new favorite song, that’s when I knew I achieved my goal.

What’s your favorite part of the song? (Lyrics, beat switches anything like that)

All man, now this is a tough one. But if I had to pick one, I’ll say the build up for the beat switch up of getting you hype. After the hype part dies down, that’s when it transitions to a harmonizing trance of feeling like you completed your transformation. Think of it as when all of us was hype when Gohan turned super saiyan 2 in the cell games. #teamgohan

Did you do anything dope for the rollout? (Art, merch, interviews , videos etc)

Now I did post a snippet video on my twitter and instagram, I even dropped the cover art for it on both of my platforms. I would make merch for it, but with the way my cover art is designed, Hasbro would be on my ass, and who could afford a lawyer in a time like this? Now unless you know one then I’ll gradually accept their business card.

What’s next from you?

I would tell ya’ll what’s next, but I have this dark creature nagging me in my head about something, I wish I had art to show you what he looks like, but he’s this creature from hell who was trapped in a cage gated up with chains engulfed in inferno flames. I’ll say by Halloween around 5pm I’ll show ya’ll his story about him. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a song about it and drop it on that day. Dark Creature Art – Hells Gate Inferno, now that’s something you don’t hear everyday.

Where can readers find you?

Ya’ll can find me on damn near everything you can think of.

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