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Behind MC.S.

I am MC.S. and I am a 20 year old rapper from Cuba NY.

 As a creative it’s often hard to label yourself as one thing – what all do you create? 


I am a rapper who works super hard at creating my own style of music. I am super passionate about music and it carries over to my work ethic.

I try my hardest to make songs that both myself and the listeners really enjoy and can have in their daily rotation. I also have started to work on producing for myself but that is a long journey still ahead. For now, I am focused on my lyrics, style, and sound. I hope to keep learning and getting better everyday!


When did you start?


I started back in April of 2020.

I wanted to rap since I started college in 2018 but wasn’t able to come up with anything at the time. So in April of 2020, I had my younger brother design me a profile picture and started my Instagram account.

From there I started to enter different Instagram rap challenges to help get more experience. I then created my first song in July of 2020 and have been working even harder ever since. I still do a lot of other rap challenges on social media in between releasing songs because they are great practice for someone such as myself. 


What’s your unique style? 


Well in all honesty, my style is still very much developing. I can’t say I have one definitive style just yet.

I am really inspired and influenced by artists like J. Cole, Logic, J Dilla, Madlib, MF Doom, The Pharcyde, and many other legends but who isn’t?

What I am really hoping is to just be able to make music that is something not only myself can enjoy but so can other rap fans. I want to be able to really rap to the point where people know and respect the bars I have. But I also want to be able to create any other type of vibe I am feeling and want to make. I just hope to one day be able to put all of my ideas in motion and truly grow as a great, well respected artist.


Any projects recent or future you’re excited about ?


I am super excited about some projects that are coming up soon.

As of now, there is a song by an artist named Instinct that I did a feature verse for. It is set to release everywhere on Friday 11/20 and I really think it is my best work so far.

I also have been working real hard on my next songs too. I have no set date yet but they are in the works and will be even better than what I have done before. And of course while you wait, I have my first song out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Soundcloud called “The Unseen” and I am super proud of it!


Where can readers find you?


Readers can find me in lots of places!


For social media I use:

Twitter: @bseigel17

Instagram: @_mc.s._


For my music:

Spotify: MC.S.

Spotify is my main platform of focus 

I’m on all other platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.

All under the username MC.S. 

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