Behind: Maya Doss - No Rivals

Behind: Maya Doss

I am Maya Doss. I’m a creative who is honing on my love for visual arts. While I love to create anything from pen drawings to paintings, I’m currently a Printmaking BFA at Indiana University Bloomington. I’ve been an artist since the early days, but I took my first class as a Sophomore in highschool and haven’t looked back! My work is very much centered around the unseen whether that be the commonalities among different things within the natural world, or a human perspective that is usually not spoken on. I also love to zoom in by focusing on things like insects or textures. My work is very detail oriented, filled with patterns and texture, and has a very surreal, psychedelic look to it. Currently I’m working on the album art for a local band’s album that will be released soon!  If you’d like to get in contact with me, my Instagram is @mayadossart and my art email is [email protected]

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