Behind: Matt Of Twisted Oak - No Rivals

Behind: Matt Of Twisted Oak

My name is Matt Batory, and I go by the artist name of Twisted Oak. I’m a singer/songwriter and producer from North Jersey.

Part of the reason I chose Twisted Oak was because of the diversity of styles I work with. It’s great to express different things in different ways, so I don’t see myself sticking to a certain genre. Currently, I have a 5 song acoustic EP, Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes, as well as two experimental rap type tracks Would You and Not Okay.

I’ve been playing guitar for 16 years, producing for 10 years and singing for almost 6 years now.

I consider myself different because of the diversity of music that I mentioned before, but moreso I think I realized what my true voice is in the things I create, so I enjoy when people tell me that my music sounds like me and not other artists.

Currently I’m working on an album with my friend Brandon Vargas who goes by the artist name of Trance. It’s called “It Gets Better,” and is a reflection on the past two years we’ve been connected with each other, equally working through our own emotional and mental situations after a break up. The album starts with a track called A Minute Away and ends with One Last Love Letter. The entire album is a step by step journey on each phase, or different subjects we talked about throughout the years. I’m crazy excited to keep working on it and finishing things up, I think it has a lot of potential for us to shine as artists.

You can find me on all major streaming services, as well as a number of write-ups on my acoustic EP if you search my artist and the title, Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes.

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