Behind: Mammoniel - No Rivals

Behind: Mammoniel

Homer Jackson IV


Mammoniel (soon to be legal name)


I’m an artist, I draw and paint, I make music, clothing, weapons, armor and accessories like gloves, hoods and belts.


Ive been doing Trap Metal for a little over 5 months now, ive been a singer or whathaveyou for almost my whole life. Ive been working primarily with black Metal for the last 19 or so years.


What makes me different? I’m an MC what primarily uses Black Metal and Death Metal for the delivery ov my lines. My lyrics are based heavily on the Occult and forbidden worships. Lets be real, im a black dude doin this.


Ive been working with these two amazing Australians (Jxmmy_Slvm666 and Yung Hvdes ov Slvmkvlt) and we have some stuff in the works that are gonna drop jaws. Brutality.


Currently my music can be found on Soundcloud, but, very soon I will be on all major platforms. My self titled album will be the first ov my music to go beyond Soundcloud, the rest will follows after that. I also have an IG @Mammoniel

No Rivals



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