Behind: $lump Lord - No Rivals

Behind: $lump Lord

Who is $lump Lord?

Even as the owner of the entity itself, I couldn’t tell you. As a kid I’ve always wanted to rap, I remember bullshitting on the sidelines with all the football players (I was also on the team but never wanted to be) having niggas vibe and laugh at the wild shit I said.

Before I digress, it was senior year, I was still depressed taking overdose amount of pills (anything I could find) and chugging alcohol almost 4-5 times a week to keep myself from being awake. Well Senior skip day I had taken more than I ever do, and passed out at the river, one of my bros had to throw me in the river just to wake me up when the cops came. Ever since people called me “Shlumpty_Dumpty”

When me and my homies dropped a track that I urged us to make. It blew up, shooting up to 3k in a few weeks with no promotion. I had to come up with a rap name, that separates Tiante, and Shlumpty_Dumpty all over again. Someone who took advantage of his drugs and surroundings, rather than the opposite. And $lump Lord was born. I regret that we (as in me and my brothers) didn’t push forward and keep that flame lit when we first sparked it. But Mic Milita has returned with a new fire to spread, so watch out for us.

I have my debut album being worked on in the shadows, projected to be out in a year. For now, it’s more hot singles and fresh EP’s to keep them aware and well prepared that I’m not going anywhere. I was destined to make it.

They’ll see

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