Behind: LJ - No Rivals

Behind: LJ

Who are you?




What do you make?


Hip Hop, delivered through live performances, teaching workshops, and media.


When did you start?


I began writing at 7 years old – I’m 23 now ! Didn’t pursue hip hop seriously until high school, and not professionally until college.


What makes you different/ what’s your unique style?


I’m a byproduct of black America’s schizophrenia – I tackle mental health, blackness, & life in the margins. Growing up there was a wrestle to be authentically myself living in between the suburbs on the northwest side while staying in the hood near east Indianapolis due to a family member’s life-threatening mental illness.  The result theme of my music has been being vocal about 3 things – faith, hope, & love (Do For Three as my brand & movement).


Any projects recent or future you’re excited about?


I just capped off a tour with my team around the Midwest where I released a project exclusively to attendees! I’m excited now to finish up with a more polished sound a new EP, called Hope. It’s set to release early next year.


Where can readers find you?


You can find me on Instagram @lj_df3, and also my website .



No Rivals

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