Behind: Lil Gnar - No Rivals

Behind: Lil Gnar

Hailing from California, Lil Gnar is a multi faceted creative- with titles of  rapper, designer, and skateboarder. 

   Prior to his career in music, Gnar achieved success in the fashion industry with his skateboard lifestyle brand “Gnarcotic”. From there he began meeting future collaborators that inspired him to begin his own journey into the music industry.  

   Gnars first track “Rihanna thick” released in late 2017- with his second track “ Ride with tha fye” cracking 2.5 million plays on soundcloud in under a year. 

   Since then, Gnar has gone on to collaborate with names like Lil skies, Joji, & Night Lovell, 

As well as release his debut mixtape “Gnar Lif3”, with plans to release his followup “Fire Hazard”

in the fall of 2019

Be on the lookout for more from Lil Gnar on his social medias- @lilgnar & @gnarcotic

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