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Behind: “Lavish”

Has anyone ever said you couldn’t do something? Have you ever felt like the “black sheep” that doesn’t belong? Well if you do, you have a lot in common with Lavish, and up and coming rapper that doesn’t take no for an answer. Thru trials and tribulations this rapper, from Phoenix Arizona, has not let up with the progression of his craft. When asked to speak about his journey and efforts towards dream chasing this us what he said:
“I’ve never really fit in. My father is from Mexico and my mother from Oregon. Growing up, I make the joke that, I was too Hispanic for the white kids and too white for the Hispanic kids. But, that never stopped me. At 18 years old, someone I used to call homie released a song and EVERYONE at our old high school freaked out. I told him I would start rapping too, because I’ve always had an ear for music and poetry. He told me he didn’t think I could do it. He talked about how “I didn’t have what it takes”, but this wasn’t the first time someone tried to shoot down my dreams. So after telling my father I was dropping out of college to pursue my dreams. Even then, both my parents told me I was making a catastrophic mistake and would regret it one day. My long term girlfriend, at the time, told me everyday for 2 years that I would never make it as a rapper and should use my devotion to being a doctor or lawyer. Unfortunately, school was never for me. I could never pay attention long enough to retain any information. So after releasing my first song, produced all by myself, everyone freaked out and I was getting text after text that I should chase music….but as a hobby. About a year later I was told by a doctor, to my face and in the eyes, that I might lose the ability to walk by the time I’m 30. Something that no one, especially at the age of 19-20, wants to hear. I dealt with doctors and specialists all on my own, because my “girlfriend” at the time was too busy with schooling to sit with me at the doctors. Then at the age of 20 I was told by a doctor I had developed an irregular heartbeat and it could stop beating any moment. My long-term girlfriend of 3 years left me eventually, saying “I needed to grow up and stop chasing dreams” also she said she wanted to experience the night life as a single woman. Meaning she wanted to sleep with whoever she wanted to, with no consequences.
At this point, I told everyone in my life that I would stop making music and go back to school. The very next day, I received free tickets to a Riff Raff concert and met a man named Cruzer Urameshi, who later became my producer. He said he knew ShorelineMafia and had ties to the music industry. I took this as a sign that my rap career wasn’t over. He introduced me to Benny Cosmic, who later became my good friend and teammate. We became the “BLVCK TRIVD” and that’s what we later became known for.
Cruzer Urameshi and I released my first song called “Tip-toe” which was a total joke to me and I just had fun writing it. But, with that being said, within a month we hit 10.2k in views and I realized “I’m meant to do this”. We then released my first album about 6 months later titled “Living Lavishly” and this project was just about my life. Songs about when I went to Mexico and laid on the beach. Songs about the heartbreak I went through. Songs about wanting to do music differently. Not for me but for my family.
As of the time I’m writing this, it has been about 5-6 months since my project released. I’ve been dealing with doctors again about my back and for about a week I was stuck in a chair at home. I sat in a chair, while my teammates met up and talked about music, but I couldn’t leave my chair yet alone my house. So with this extra time I decided to start editing a video we had recorded a month prior. This turned into my first music video ever. Edited in my room, while being crippled with pain. The song was “Cold World” and the single off my next project coming out March 3rd, 2019 called “Take the L”. Later this year, in April, a BLVCK TRIVD project is coming out. Consisting of all the members art collaborating to make a solid record. And in September my last project of the year comes out known as “LUVSIQ WRLD”. I even got reached out to by a DJ from LA, known as DJ Sidereal, and got my songs on a playlist that consists of Young Thug, Shoreline Mafia, Rob Bank$, Lil Dirk, and THEPARTYNEXTDOOR.
I didn’t take this opportunity to brag or blow my own horn. I took this opportunity to hopefully reach out to others and show them “You CAN do it. Just have to believe in yourself.”
In 3 years, I went from being the chubby kid with hardly any friends and dying, to being one of the headline acts at 5iveFest in May 2019. As a kid who never fit in, I managed to score a spot in the line up for a 3 day music extravaganza. Thru the literal heartaches and crippling pain. Thru the lack of support and encouragement. Late nights alone in rooms full of people. Or just getting stoned alone. I managed to rise up the levels and convince my family that this is what I’m meant to do. I’ve convinced my peers and former colleagues that I’m meant for more than a 9-5.
So next time someone tells you that you can’t do something or you’re not good enough. Remember who you are and what you want, and you might just prove everyone around you wrong. Thank you for tuning in to history.
You can see more from this artist on Instagram & Twitter @lavishlyposted

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