Behind -Josh Dage - No Rivals

Behind -Josh Dage

My name is Josh Dage, I’m 19 and I’m a photographer/filmmaker.
I make a lot of things, but I primarily work with photos and music videos. I also do concert recaps, album covers and promotional flyers.

I started with a camera when I was super young maybe 4-5 years old. My mom was a photographer when I was younger so we always had small travel cameras lying around. I started making stop-motion videos on iMovie when I was 9 years old. I’ve always had a passion for that stuff. I started refining my skills in photography in the 8th grade and started working hard trying to learn as much as possible. When I was 15 I got ahold of a camera by doing odd marketing jobs for my school. I would shoot about 1000 photos everyday riding around after school on my bike trying to take pictures of things I had never taken pictures of before. It would get harder as I ran out of ideas but I focused on trying to do things in a unique way.

I think I stand apart because of how I look at the world. Thats a super basic photographer answer but its true. Everyone has their own way of seeing the world around them and I always think in photos and angles.I’m excited to finish the edit on a music video I recently wrapped shooting on. It won’t come out for a long time because after I finish it, it’ll be vaulted for a while. Also excited about the recent work I’ve been doing photography wise and the people I’ve had the honor of working with.
The best place to find me is @jdage_photography on instagram.

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