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My name is HELLBØUND ANGL (pronounced angel) but everybody calls me ANGL for short.

I’m from Temecula, CA. It’s a pretty small city in California, and not many people know it too well honestly.

What do you make?

I try to branch out and do any genre, but I do a lot from Hip Hop/Emo rap, Alternative, R&B, Witch House, Lo-fi, Dark Trap and so on.

When did you start?

I had started writing more seriously in 2014, I was really young at the time, but I actually started to release music only two years ago, back in August 2018.

What makes you different/what’s your unique style?

I’m a very diverse type of artist, I like to experiment with all genres and add my own ideas into it, ya know? I never want to limit myself to one genre or one thing. Even creative wise, I create other forms of art along the side of music.

Any projects recent or future you’re excited about?

Actually yes, I have been working on something and currently, just finishing up some final things before any sort of official announcement. I don’t wanna say too much now, All I’m gotta say is, it isn’t anything like before.

Where can readers find you?

On all streaming platforms you can find me under HELLBØUND ANGL (Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Matter Streaming, etc.)

and on social media platforms all @hellboundangl

or here’s a link to all that right here with my most recent songs included <3

hope to see new 777 family members, thank you for the read !


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