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Behind Gxne Til Nxvember

Q: How has the reaction to your project been so far?


A: better than expected but I usually go do 3/5 shows around L.A. the month a project is released to promote the project because performing new music infront new people who haven’t heard it yet is a big way i like to try to connect to fans & to test out which records off the project get a better reaction from the crowd but due to the current climate of things we can’t do live shows as promo unfortunately.


Q: How long did it take to make your project from start to finish, recording-wise?


A: Started writing/recording early January 2019 but the first two songs I recorded that ended up making the cut were “Better Dayz” & “When I Was Down” but I did end up putting a record called “More Dreamz” on the project that I wrote when I was 19 and didn’t necessarily have a beat for the lyrics yet but about a month before the project release I ended up tracking the vocals to “More Dreamz” so technically it took me about 4 years to put this together. 


Q: What kind of ‘sound’, production wise, did you have in your mind, prior to entering the studio?


A: I don’t necessarily have anything in mind. Say prior to even finishing the project that I just dropped I already know what direction sonically I am going to go towards next, if that makes sense ?


Q: What kind of input did the producer have during the process

And are you pleased with the final outcome? (sound – production wise)


A: Well I’m the executive producer so the other producers involved have very little input but when that input is giving I take her very serious & take what they saying into consideration as well because I don’t know everything and everyone ears are different. And I work/collab with very talented producers so I know they have a good ear as well so I don’t just let it go in one ear and out the other when the are giving me their input.


And I am very very pleased with the final outcome but of course I would be, I make music I enjoy listening to it, you know ? And not to toot my own horn but the “sound” that embodies this project can’t be found anywhere else but by listening to me & that’s always one of the goals going forward in my career that I’ve kept in mind over the years.


Q: Did the producer / (you) use any (weird) experimental mixing and/or recording techniques?


A: Wish I had a answer for this question but no, nothing special was really done. Only thing experimental was maybe writing style of certain records but that’s about it because on this project I did freestyle some full verses and hooks so that’s not the norm for me so I guess that would be a new far or new technique of recording.


Q: Please inform us about your favourite songs and lyrical highlights and why?


A: I don’t have a favorite song(s) to be honest but some of my favorite verses are both verses off “Like Carti” both verses on “Paranoid”. I love the 1 verse on “Lemme Smoke” because I changed flow like every 4-6 bars while freestyling it so it feels like the chorus comes in more than twice but it doesn’t. Also the chorus on “On My Mind” is amazing big shoutout to Wendy Lucas who killed it on the hook & she’s the only feature on this project 


Q: Any overall theme of mood that you’re trying to capture with the project?


A: No not a specific theme or mood, I would say more of a feeling & it’s hard to describe that feeling that the album gives you when you’re immersed while listening with earphones/headphones on. 


It’s more just me as a human right now and where I am at in my own story really.


Q: Does your vision for coming up with music get affected at all by time?


A: No , not at all. Wish I had a better answer but time don’t affect me at all whatsoever.


Q: Are there any ‘crazy’ behind the scenes stories from these sessions that you can share with us?


A: not crazy because I recorded this whole album in solitude not around anyone just inside my room. Well I was black out drunk when I freestyled the verse on “Lemme Smoke” that’s the craziest this time around.


Q: How would you describe the sound of your tape to any potential new fan?


A: sonically I can’t really describe it because it stands alone at the moment but if I had to place it in a sub-genre of hiphop I’d say “west coast trap” or “west coast drill” but I’m rapping rapping so I don’t know to be honest haha I’ll leave that up for  interpretation or debate .


Q: Who are your influences and heroes? (music-wise)


A: Well to me influences and heroes are different so that list of influences is quite long but the list of my heroes is very short, so I’ll explain. A hero to me is someone that saves someone or saves someone’s life & that person for me UNDOUBTEDLY is Mac Miller & I could maybe add Bob Marley and Kid Cudi into that category but basically Mac Miller is my hero.


Now musically my HipHop influences are Wiz Khalifa, OVO40, Dr.Dre, Curren$y, T.I. , Dizzy Wright, Tyler The Creator, Retch, Ricky Hil, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, the great Tupac Shakur & the late great Mac Miller. 


But some of my musical influences outside of HipHop/Rap are Pink Floyd, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Keith Sweat, Boyz2Men, Brent Faiyaz, Mary J. Blige & Jodeci.


Q: If there’s anything you’d like to add, say, please do:


A: HUGE shoutout to the producers Mr.Havs, Monique Winning, YoungWavGod, BeatFanaticz, LPonthebeat because their involvement with this album is the only reason it was possible to come together the way it did .


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No Rivals


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